Our School Vision
"We prioritise high academic standards and progress, equalities and inclusion, parental involvement, an engaging, creative curriculum, pupil contribution and developing a wide range of opportunities for play."
About Us
"Staple Hill Primary School is a happy, forward-looking school situated in north east Bristol. We serve a community which is diverse both in terms of ethnicity and economic advantage. We have a deserved reputation as a welcoming and inclusive school. Our staff team is hard-working, collaborative and committed to giving all our children the opportunities and skills they need to realise their potential."

    18/06/2019 - EYFS trip to Page Park (morning)
    18/06/2019 - Choir performing at St George's Hall
    21/06/2019 - Y6 Life Skills Trip
    21/06/2019 - FOS Colour run (more information to follow)
    05/07/2019 - FOS Summer fair
    10/07/2019 - Y5/6 Show 2:00pm-3:00pm
    11/07/2019 - Y5/6 Show 6.30 pm-7:30pm
    18/07/2019 - Year 6 Leavers disco
    19/07/2019 - Y6 Leavers' Assembly 11am
    19/07/2019 - End of term for pupils
    19/07/2019 - FOS Last day ice creams