Our School Vision
"We prioritise high academic standards and progress, equalities and inclusion, parental involvement, an engaging, creative curriculum, pupil contribution and developing a wide range of opportunities for play."
About Us
"Staple Hill Primary School is a happy, forward-looking school situated in north east Bristol. We serve a community which is diverse both in terms of ethnicity and economic advantage. We have a deserved reputation as a welcoming and inclusive school. Our staff team is hard-working, collaborative and committed to giving all our children the opportunities and skills they need to realise their potential."
  • Covid Update May 2021



    Shop for Uniform early in June and July ~

    Monkhouse have created a new Parent Guide which is available on their website at www.monkhouse.com/parentguide

    The reason for this is that the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted manufacturers and suppliers worldwide – demand for uniform will be high and we want to make sure you have every opportunity to order what you need early.

    Shopping for uniform in June and July is vital in today’s climate to support our uniform suppliers, Monkhouse, by shopping in these earlier months so that in turn, they can ensure you receive the best service to guarantee your child will go back to school with everything they need.

    It is key that we encourage shopping in June and July so that you can make the most out of shopping with Monkhouse and join them in a successful Back to School!