Art and DT Curriculum

Art & Design and Design Technology: We promote Art and Technology across our topics and celebrate our highlights through our ‘Artist of the Term’ initiative. We plan opportunities for children to:

  • use a range of materials and media in a creative and imaginative way
  • learn about a range of artists, craft makers and designers across cultures and historical periods
  • refine their art and design techniques, including through sketch work

Our topics include experiences that allow our children to rehearse and develop their creative and practical skills within key design, make and evaluate contexts. Children use a range of tools, equipment and materials and explore a range of mechanisms. Topics include ‘Fur and Fangs’ & ‘On the Move’ [in KS1 focusing on moving monsters and vehicles], ‘Bright Sparks’ [LKS2 focusing on torches] and ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ [UKS2 focusing on puppets]. We include regular opportunities to explore cooking and nutrition especially through topics such as ‘’Food, Glorious, Food!’ [KS1], ‘Fire & Ice’ [LKS2 focusing on hot and cold foods/meals], ‘Earth & Space’ [UKS2 focusing on cooking pizzas and designing pizza boxes]. We also include creative opportunities set within the context of festivals across cultures including cooking, making cards and other art & design activities for Eid, Diwali, Christmas and more. We also embed these creative experiences into our core subjects such as weighing ingredients before cooking/baking [Maths], writing instructions on how to make artefacts such as masks/puppets or on how to carry out a task [English].

Every year, each Key Stage team engages in an enterprise activity which focuses on children deciding on their product before requesting funds from the Headteacher to subsidise the project. The children make their product then sell them at an enterprise event to which parents are invited. So far we have offered a range of products including decorated photo frames and garden party [Reception], a wildlife dvd and decorated plant pots with home-grown plants [KS1], decorated canvas bags and sweets in a basket [LKS2] and finally handcrafted photo frames & mythology books [written by our UKS2]. The money earned from the sales are kept by the team and the children themselves decide what they would like the team to spend it on. Over the years, the children have opted to spend the money on:

  • school scooters
  • play equipment for outside and indoors
  • an ice cream party
  • a trip to a museum