Use these links and have fun.

bomomoBomomo – Click and make wonderful patterns and pictures. Have fun! city_creatorCity Creator – Simulation programme for primary pupils. Choose between a medieval town a snow covered town or a modern city
this_is_sandThis is Sand – Make a sand picture. Even though when the site loads the screen will start off completely grey! Hold down the left mouse button and move it across your screen to pour the sand. Tap the letter c to change the colours.  fruit_faceArcimboldo – Click and make a fruit face just lik the artist Arcimboldo
crayolaCrayola – This site lets you create drawing and colour – its good fun Tate_KidsTate Kids – Visit the Tate Kids online and enjoy all of the different art activities you can do. Create your own landscape and much more
sumopaintSumopaint – Use all sorts of painting and drawing tools to create fab pictures art_attack_following_instructionsDisney Art Attacks – Follow the instructions to create lots of different pieces of art, sculptures and designs
livebindersLive Art – This site allows you to explore all types of art by linking you to lots of Kids Art packages. Open the site and explore new_york_museum-modern-artMOMA – Explore the New York Museum and learn about different artists
toolkitArt Toolkit – Toolkit – Explore, create, design and enjoy this site