Complaints to Governors

Arrangements for the consideration of complaints:

Arrangements have been set out indicating how any person may make a complaint concerning the provision of the curriculum including religious education and collective worship.

The procedure defines three levels at which a complaint can be made:

  1. The informal level
  2. The formal complaint to the Governing Body of the school
  3. The formal complaint to the LA.

Many complaints or potential complaints can best be resolved within the school in discussion with the Head teacher or other members of staff. This informal approach is recommended as the best starting point and will usually bring about the quickest solution. However should this informal stage fail to resolve an issue, then the complaint should be made first in writing to the Governing Body of the school, and then if still not resolved in writing to the LA.

Further information on making a complaint including the full document on this procedure is available on request from the school.

N.B. Parents asking for copies of official documents  may be charged for any photocopying costs incurred.