syllable-split[break]Syllable Split – A bear splits words into syllables, and then asks the student to identify which of three words he has just said. golden_goose
Click on this link and listen to the story of the Golden Goose
Monkey Alphabet – Can you click on the alphabet in the right order. You have 30 seconds to try
bbc_read[break]This section looks at reading fiction, non fiction, dictonaries and poetry. Click to play the games, watch the videos and try the quizes
Roy the Zebra  – has several games to help practice alphabetical order, number words, months, days etc. This game works well on an IWB
Listen to the story of Peter Rabbit
Listen to the Story of the Frog Princess
jeremy_fisher[break]Listen to the Story of Jeremy Fisher


bbc-rocket-adjectives[break]Learn how to write simple stories with the help of the story plant homophones[break]Homophones – to, too and two – find out their meanings and when you should use them
myths[break]Learn how to plan and write a Myth or Legend cvc-game1[break]Play the CVC game and learn lots of CVC words. It’s great fun
storymaker[break]Open the book and make your own story wordshake[break]Shake the letters and see how many words you can spell
look_cover_wirte[break]By changing the blends you can create lots of different words to learn to spell. See how many you can remember. There are even words linked to subjects that would be handy to know. Have a go where_were[break]Homophones – where, were, we’re – find out the meanings of these words and when they need to be used
spellits[break]Spellings with the Spellits – escape from the maze, catch the horse or catch the thief games to help you improve your spellings pounce-cvc[break]Click on the correct CVC word and the lion pounces on it.
bbc-spellandgram[break]Improve your spelling and grammar to become a better reader, writer and all round communicator cluster_blends[break]Learn cluster blends by playing this game and having fun
bbc-words and pictures-postcard[break]Highlight the vowel phonemes in each sentence or drag the correct spelling into the space. Make your card there-their[break]Homophones – there, their, they’re – find out the meanings of these words
concrete-poetry[break]Concrete Poetry – Choose a shape and drag in the words that you would like–or add your own. Printable. shape-poems[break]Choose a shape and write a poem