About School Governors

Staple Hill Primary School’s Governing Body is the group of parents, staff and members of the local community who guide the management of Staple Hill School, supporting and challenging the school management team to make sure that Staple Hill School is as effective a school as it can be.

At Staple Hill School, governors serve a term of office of four years from when they start. The start date can be at any time in the academic year. A photo board of current governors is displayed in the school reception area.

Governors give up their time on a voluntary basis. People have many reasons for becoming School Governors, and are not all governors for the same reasons. Governors come from different backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experience which are used when working with the school.   What all the governors at Staple Hill share is a passion for making this school the best place it can be for children to learn, for staff to work, and above all a place for everyone to enjoy coming to.

Governors have three main roles:

  • Strategic – We ensure our school has clear aims and values. We focus on raising standards of achievement, ensure resources are prioritised and linked to the School’s Development Plan, set out and review policies and procedures, review targets and achievement against those.
  • Critical Friend – We monitor and evaluate how the school is progressing, providing support where strategies to bring about improvement are being explored and strike a balance between support and challenge.
  • Accountability – We are responsible for the performance of the school. We question and refine proposals while respecting the professional roles of the Head teacher and staff. We account for the school’s performance and explain decisions and actions to anyone with a legitimate interest.

We do this by:

  1. Making decisions about how the school budget is used;
  2. Setting standards of behaviour;
  3. Making sure that the National Curriculum is being followed;
  4. Drawing up the School Improvement Plan to ensure the school maintains its efficiency.

The Governors are, ultimately, legally responsible for the quality of education at Staple Hill School, and the welfare and safety of pupils and staff. At Staple Hill School, our Governing Body has 15 members, made up of:

  • parent governors – who have children at school, and are elected by the parents;
  • a staff governor – who represents the teaching and non-teaching staff and is chosen by the staff;
  • an LEA governor – who is appointed by the education authority, and nominated by local politicians;
  • Co-opted Governors – who are invited to join the Governing Body, often to bring needed skills and expertise.

Governors cannot act individually, but work together as a group. The Governing Body manages the school through two main committees – the staffing and curriculum committee, which is responsible for the education of the pupils and any staffing issues; and the finance and buildings committee, which is responsible for managing the school budget (roughly £1.2m a year) and the upkeep of the school’s premises. The school governors meet as a full governing body at least once a term. The two sub-committees meet three times a year.

While governors have a role in dealing with parents’ concerns about the school, the first point of contact should always be the class teacher. Most issues can be resolved through this dialogue.