We ask that whenever possible, parents make medical appointments for after school or during the holidays. If your child does need to have an appointment with a doctor or dentist during the school day, please let the school office have a copy of the appointment letter prior to the appointment. This absence should then be noted in the register accordingly. If it is after the school day has started, your child must be picked up from school and brought back to school by a parent/carer/ guardian.

Should your child be taken ill in school during the day we will make every effort to contact you. In view of this it is vital that we have up to date contact numbers. You will be asked to provide an alternative contact number in case you cannot be reached.

In the case of stomach upsets the recommendation is that children do not return until 48 hours after their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.


The school is not legally responsible for giving medication whilst your child is in school. Obviously we are aware that in certain circumstances it will be necessary for a child to have medication during the school day. In these circumstances the procedure is as follows:

  • A written request must be made to the school for us to administer the medication – forms are available from the school office or download here – Request to Administer Medication Form 2017
  • The medicine must be clearly marked with the childs name and the amount to be given and when
  • The medicine must be given to the school office by an adult for safe keeping
  • A form of indemnity must be signed by the parent
  • Any medication to be administered at school must be kept at school in its own container and not be transported daily by the child.

Health Checks

We have an allocated school nurse. If you have any health concerns about your child you may contact the Health Centre in Kingswood on 01454 862441.

The school health nurse checks the height, weight and sight of all five year olds, the audiometrician visits to test their hearing and the dentist to check their teeth.

Head Lice

Head Lice is a problem in most primary schools. We are not permitted to check your childs hair in school so it is vital that you do so frequently for detection and treatment of these creatures. There is plenty of information available and the local chemists are very helpful with regard to available literature and treatments. We have a policy to follow which is available for anyone to see. Our procedure is such that if a child is seen to have headlice their class will have a note or a text sent home saying that a case of head lice has been noted. It is your responsibility to check your childs hair if a note or a text has been sent home. It is hoped that this procedure will help contain the spread of head lice.