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Maths – Addition

additon_marble-math[break] Addition whack-a-mole[break] Whack A Mole
count-by-twos[break] Count by Twos count-by-fives[break] Count by Fives
shark-numbers[break] Shark Numbers dog-a-bone[break] Give the Dog a Bone
maths_magician[break] Work out the Math Magician’s Challenge. Choose a number to start. funky_mum[break] Learn your number bonds to 20
alien_addition[break]Alien Addition – shoot the answers and win Speed_g1[break]Level 1 How fast you can answer these addition questions?
speed_g2[break]Level 2 speed_g3[break]Level 3

Maths Subtraction

1sub-grid[break]Level 1 – Subtraction challenge against the clock. See how well you do 2sub-grid[break]Level 2 – Subtraction challenge against the clock – have you improved?
3sub-grid[break]Level 3 – Subtraction the hardest level – how did you get on? island_sub[break]Get the subtractions sums correct and win the race.
minus_mission[break]On Minus Mission see how many answers you can shoot correctly amb-sub_mix[break]Click on the game and practise your subtraction

Maths – Multiplication and Division

learn_u_tables[break]Learn your tables 1_speed_multi-gridTake on the multiplication speed challenge and try to win
tug_team[break]Play the Tractor multiplication game multi_grand_prixUse your multiplication tables to race and win
mul_div_invaders[break]Multiplicaton and Division Space Invaders. Choose your table and play the game Demolition_division[break]Practise your division skills in Demolition Division

Maths – Shape, Space and Measure

puzzle-blocks[break]Puzzle Blocks   billy-bug_hunt2[break]Solve Bug Hunt 2 puzzle and use negative co ordinates
crick-puzzles[break]Crick Puzzles enrichment-nets2Learn about nets and match the net to the shape
bbc-squirt_the_dogFind the correct angle and squirt the dog bbc-angle_fuKung Fu angles up to 360 – play the game and practise your angle estimates
angle_spaceGuess the angle of the lazer to try and beat the space alien bbc-Meaures_1Click on this site and learn about measuring and weight
ambleside-angle_measurePractise measuring the angles using a protractor fairy-clock-time3Tell the time with the fairies
dino-dogClick to play the Dino Dig co-ordinate game bbc-time4Click and play with Max and Molly
billy-bug_hunt1Learn about co ordinates and play the Bug Hunt 1 game bbc-money_1Work out how much money to spend with Molly