Staple Hill Primary School was last visited by HM Inspectors in March 2015. As well as lessons and parts of lessons being observed, the pupils were observed during assembly, registration, break and lunchtimes. Samples of their work were also inspected.

Staple Hill School was graded ‘Good’ in 2015

Read the report – 2015 OFTED REPORT

A paper copy of the latest OFSTED Report can be obtained from the school office on request.

“Teachers plan effectively to meet the wide-ranging needs of pupils. Lessons challenge most pupils and make good use of resources. Younger pupils enjoy using the ‘challenge bell’ when they complete a harder task” – OFSTED 2015

“The school’s curriculum celebrates diversity and provides a very good range of learning experiences. The focus on art and music is evident, with high quality, colourful displays throughout the school and regular opportunities to develop musical talents.” – OFSTED 2015

“Pupils learn about democracy and equality of opportunity through history lessons and the election of the school council. Assemblies provide good opportunities to celebrate pupils’ personal achievements and tackle discrimination. As a result of a range of school experiences, pupils have good knowledge of values, tolerance and respect, helping them to be well prepared for life in modern Britain.” – OFSTED 2015

“Additional money to improve pupils’ participation and ability in sport has been used well. New equipment and sessions for the most-able pupils have improved enjoyment and sport provision. The national ‘Change 4 Life’ initiative has been used well to improve pupils’ awareness of healthy life styles and the need for regular personal activity.” – OFSTED 2015

“Teaching assistants are well trained, deployed and provide very effective support for pupils. They use detailed questioning, both in lessons and with small groups, to maintain pupils’ concentration and challenge them to deepen their thinking”            – OFSTED 2015
“The school ensures that all pupils are treated equally and that social skills are developed. Pupils listen attentively to teachers and other staff, and are mostly successfully prepared for the next stage of their education. Pupils benefit from regular visits to the local secondary schools for sports and cluster events.” – OFSTED 2015
“Provision for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs is effective and their needs are met. Good quality support and effective programmes have resulted in a highly individual approach to support progress for these pupils and those who need additional help to achieve well.” –OFSTED 2015
“The behaviour of pupils is good. Their conduct in lessons is very good and they show great respect towards both adults and each other. Pupils play actively and happily at playtimes and are helped by trained pupil leaders called ‘Super Playrangers’. All pupils have good attitudes around the school and during smooth transitions between classes.” – OFSTED 2015