Pupil Premium Strategy

The Pupil Premium [PP] is additional monies given to schools to support pupils who are considered disadvantaged. The chosen measure for this is the entitlement of Free School Meals within the past 6 years. Our current funding is £129,965 in total. The funding per child is £1300, £1900 [for PP Plus pupils] and £300 [Children in Service].  Estimated costs have been allocated as outlined in the 2017-18 PP Budget document, although spending is subject to change as additional barriers to learning emerge.  This funding may also be topped up, in order to further meet the needs of disadvantaged pupils.

Our funding priorities for 2017 – 2018 identify four key areas which through rigorous improvement will address the barriers to learning identified for our Pupil Premium children:

  1. Raising the standard of Quality First Teaching
  2. Attendance
  3. Raising aspirations of our pupils
  4. Improving Behaviour for Learning

Outlined in the documents below are areas of support for disadvantaged pupils and budget spending. This PP Strategy will be due for review September 2018 although ongoing evaluations may mean amendments to meet any needs that arise for our most disadvantaged children. 


2017-18 Pupil Premium Strategy Reviewed May 2018

2017-18 Pupil Premium Budget

2017-18 Pupil Premium Strategy

2016-17 Final PP Expenditure Report

2016-17 Pupil Premium Report Reviewed