Pupil Premium Strategy

At Staple Hill Primary, we are dedicated to securing the best education for each individual pupil to so that they reach their full potential, academically and socially.    Our school values of Responsibility, Excellence, Star learners, Pride, Enjoyment, Challenge and Teamwork underpin our learning culture. We demand high expectations for all pupils and continually strive to ensure that no pupil is left behind in their learning.

In evaluating how to spend the pupil premium allocation, we look at the barriers faced by disadvantaged pupils in the context of our school and focus spending on addressing these barriers to learning.  The strategies and resources are adapted to meet the needs of each pupil and address the barriers that may be unique to their particular circumstance.  In order to facilitate this, we are committing to building the capacity and expertise of all staff to enable us to provide a highly personalised programme of support which allows each child to reach their full potential.

Our target key outcome is to diminish the differences in achievement between disadvantaged pupils and others by using our Pupil Premium allocation effectively. At Staple Hill Primary, a majority of our Pupil Premium children are currently do not meet the National Expected Standards for attainment at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and do not achieve as well as those children who are not disadvantaged. Our focus is to remove the differences in attainment for these pupils and provide them with every opportunity, to catch up and attain as well as the less disadvantaged children, as well as raise their aspirations and inevitably life chances.

In order to diminish the differences between disadvantaged pupils and others we will ensure that:

  • A high profile is given to disadvantaged pupils
  • All staff are accountable for the progress of disadvantaged pupils

The progress and attainment of all pupils at Staple Hill Primary is carefully tracked and analysed using a wide evidence base which is triangulated, in order to draw conclusions and develop action plans.  The evidence includes rigorous monitoring in the form of lesson observations; learning walks; book scrutiny; pupil conferencing; pupil progress meetings and data analysis.  Accountability is secured through six termly data drops and Pupil Progress Meetings when Senior Leaders discuss data, progress and learning barriers for each pupil with Class Teachers and examine next steps to secure accelerated progress for each individual.

Our funding priorities for 2016 – 2017 identify four key areas which through rigorous improvement will address the barriers to learning identified for our Pupil Premium children:

  1. Raising the standard of Quality First Teaching
  2. Attendance
  3. Raising aspirations of our pupils
  4. Improving Behaviour for Learning

Outlined in the document below are areas of support for disadvantaged pupils that are currently identified to ensure the four key areas are addressed. This strategy statement will be due for review September 2017.  All evidence used can be found in links at the end of the document


Pupil Premium Strategy Feb 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy Impact Sept 2017