School Lunches

Staple Hill School Kitchen

Hot school dinners are cooked on the school premises. All KS1 children are entitled to a free hot school dinner. KS2 children will continue to be charged for their meals.

If your child has special dietary needs, then please let the school know in writing, or if your child prefers vegetarian there is always an option on the menu. Water is provided by the kitchen for those children having hot school meals.

Dinners cost £2.20 per day, £11.00 per week and can be purchased on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Our school takes credit and debit card payments online. The SIMS PAY ePayments system is the quick and easy way to securely make payments to the school.

You can pay online using a debit or credit card, so no more cheques, cash going missing or forms getting lost! Payments can be made online whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all you need is access to the internet. You also don’t have to worry about your child carrying cash into school and can have peace of mind that payments are made safely and securely directly to the school. 

We are inviting you to create a new SIMS PAY account for yourself at Staple Hill Primary School.

Type the following link into your tablet, PC or smartphone web-browser:

  • Select register and enter the invitation code that has been sent to you separately.

If you have any issue/problem with the registration process please speak to us for more information

Thank you!

Packed Lunches

Facilities are provided for those children who wish to have a packed lunch. This should be brought in a suitable container, clearly labelled with the child’s name and class name. If a child forgets or loses their packed lunch, a hot lunch will be provided and the relevant amount charged to the parents.

Provisos for packed lunch:

As a “healthy school” we encourage all of our children to eat balanced meals at all times of the day, therefore we encourage lunchboxes which include plenty of fruit or vegetables.

Drinks must be brought in as part of the packed lunch. They must:-

  • Not be in glass containers or be cans of fizzy drink.
  • The carton or flask must be contained within the sandwich box.

The container should have a strong top to prevent leakage but the child should be able to open it themselves

Lunch Menu

Download the current Menu