Use the links to discover new websites.

strangematter[break]Strange Matter – Discover the Secrets of Everyday stuff fishfoodFish Food – Work your way up the food chain by eating everything smaller than you
rollercoaster[break]Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck – Can you help? amazingfooddetective [break]Help the Amazing Food Detective stop all the unhealthy habits
greatgrubclub[break]Games and Quizzes to help you eat healthily ch4scienceessentials[break]Find out loads about science for KS2 – click ‘Choose Life’, ‘Material World’ or ‘Get Physical’.
naturalhis [break]This site offers lots of experiences for you and lots of new things to discover.  dynamolab[break]Click on image to try matching, odd one out, quiz challenge, buiding a phone, how plants use water and making your own ice lollypops
virtual_pond_dipping [break]Click here for a virtual Pond Dipping experience teeth[break]Listen to the song and learn how to look after your teeth

Life Processes and Living Things

how_the_body_works[break]Click here to learn how our body works moving_and_growing[break]Find out how we move and grow by playing on this site
make_a_balanced_plate[break]Click here to make a balanced meal. Learn about what you should eat balanced_plate2[break]Learn about the different foods and sort them correctly. Plus other games.


food_chains1[break]Learn about the food chains and try the activities life_cycle2[break]Learn about life cycles and play the activities on the way
variation[break]Find out about variation and try the games and activities grouping_plants_and_animals[break]Learn to group animals and plants in these activities

Physical Processes


[break]Make circuits and see how they work

[break]Develop your knowledge and look at the circuits and conductors on this site

[break]Can you help Liz and identify the sounds she hears?

[break]Click here and discover how to make different sounds. Learn about loud sounds and quiet sounds. Learn about pitch

[break]What is a force? Find out by clicking into this site

[break]See if you can fly and land the space ship