SHaun PS

We bought our own Shaun the Sheep. He was named SHaun PS to represent the initials of our school name i.e. SHPS for Staple Hill Primary School. Our children decorated him and our site manager, John Upham, designed him his own platform. SHaun PS is currently on display at the Mall Cribbs Causeway in Bristol until September 20th as part of ‘The Shaun in the City Schools Exhibition’.

How he was decorated:

Our children were invited to submit designs for Shaun. The final design was an amalgamation of several submissions. At Staple Hill, we wanted to celebrate all the things that make us unique so SHaun PS was decorated with the elements that define us as a school. Flowers represent our class names while musical notes, theatrical masks and other symbols depict every aspect of the learning we love. SHaun PS represents every child at our school as they were able to contribute to decorating and painting him either through painting on images or using their thumb print to create the minibeasts that adorn his body.