Trips and Visitors

The school promotes an active learning policy, and educational visits provide first hand experiences to motivate and stimulate the children’s curiosity to learn.

Visits are arranged by class teachers to support topics covered in the curriculum. These visits are not only popular with the children, but often bring reality to areas of learning which might otherwise be abstract. The annual residential visit for Year 6 pupils also creates an extra dimension to children’s development. The children greatly benefit from independent social interaction which helps with their transition to Secondary Education. Our policy, with such trips which are desirable but not essential, is to work jointly with parents and invite voluntary contributions towards the cost of the trip from parents. It must be emphasised that such contributions are voluntary and no child will be treated differently if a contribution is not made. We recognise that the viability of visits may be dependent on the amount of voluntary financial support received.   It is the Headteacher’s decision ultimately to decide if a school visit should go ahead. The full cost of a residential trip may be charged to parents. Although if parents are in receipt of certain benefits, they are exempt from paying the cost of board and lodging.

2016-17 Year 6 Camp